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Nom Notation Description Statut
  root Register representing the root of the registry tree. stable
  Definitions def Code lists, concept schemes and other collections in the regi... stable
  Structure structure Code lists used to aid organizing and presenting the Environm... stable
  UI ui Codes and concepts used to guide the presentation of the regi... stable
  System register system Internal registers which are used to control system operation stable
  typed templates typed-templates System register containing collection of templates which can ... stable
  bulk collection types bulkCollectionTypes System register describing the data types which can be upload... stable
  form templates form-templates System register containing a collection of form templates whi... stable
  prefixes prefixes System register containing the prefix mappings used in serial... stable
  Link definitions links A system register which lists all link definitions which the ... stable
  Chemical and hydrobiological parameters par This register contains chemical and hydrobiological parameter... experimental
  Taxa naming apt This register contains the taxa naming of the French water in... experimental
  Lithology rank (Obsolete) lithologyrank This register is superseded by superseded
  Lithology litho This register contains the lithological classification of the... experimental
  Lithology nature (Obsolete) lithologynature This register is superseded by superseded
  Category Category This register is used to organize and present of the register... experimental
  Owner Owner This register contains the list of producers of registers experimental
  Status status This register contains the states of validity used for an ele... stable
  Observation support obssup This register contains the observation supports experimental
  Lithology rank lithorank This register contains the hierarchical classification of gen... experimental
  Element nature natelem This register contains the possible values ​​for the referenc... experimental