Type of events

This register identifies all types of geological events.

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  • Type d'évènements
  • Type of events
  • EventType
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category geology
en This register identifies all types of geological events.
fr Ce registre recense l'ensemble types d'évènements géologiques.
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en Type of events
fr Type d'évènements
member Metamorphic process | Weathering | Magmatic process | Sedimentary process | Tectonic process | Tectono-metamorphic process
modified 24 Jun 2020 12:17:51.860
notation EventType
owner BRGM
type SKOS Concept Scheme | Register | Container
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Contents (tree view)

Sedimentary process A phenomenon that changes the distribution or physical proper... experimental
Weathering Process or group of processes by which terrestrial materials ... experimental
Magmatic process Process involving molten rocks (magma) experimental
Tectono-metamorphic process All processes related to tectonics and / or metamorphis experimental