Lithostratigraphic ranks

This register lists all the lithostratigraphic ranks.

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  • Rangs lithostratigraphiques
  • Lithostratigraphic ranks
  • LithoStratRank
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category geology
en This register lists all the lithostratigraphic ranks.
fr Ce registre recense l'ensemble des rangs lithostratigraphiques.
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hierarchy parent property broader
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en Lithostratigraphic ranks
fr Rangs lithostratigraphiques
member Supersequence | Formation | Subgroup | Supergroup | Sequence | Megasequence | Parasequence | Supersuite | Suite | Not specified | Member | Lithodeme | Complex | Bed | Group
modified 3 Apr 2020 14:54:59.682
notation LithoStratRank
owner BRGM
type Register | SKOS Concept Scheme | Container
version info 1

Contents (tree view)

Supergroup A supergroup is a formal assemblage of related or superposed ... experimental
Megasequence A succession of st of supersequences. A megasequence is bound... experimental
Complex A lithostratigraphic unit composed of diverse types of any cl... experimental
Supersuite A formal lithodemic unit next higher in rank to suite. It com... experimental
Not specified Unit is not part of a defined stratigraphic hierarchy. experimental