Geologic Units types

This register lists all the geologic units.

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  • Geologic Units types
  • Unités géologiques
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category geology
en This register lists all the geologic units.
fr Ce registre recense l'ensemble unités géologiques.
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en Geologic Units types
fr Unités géologiques
member Magnetostratigraphic Unit | Excavation Unit | Geophysical Unit | Lithostratigraphic Unit | Soil unit | Geotechnical Unit | Alteration Unit | Pedostratigraphic Unit | Biostratigraphic Unit | Lithotectonic Unit | Mass Movement Unit | Lithodemic Unit | Lithogenetic Unit | Hydrogeological Unit | Polarity Chronostratigraphic Unit | Deformation Unit | Pedoderm | Artificial Ground | Chronostratigraphic Unit | Allostratigraphic Unit | Lithologic Unit | Geomorphologic Unit
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Contents (tree view)

Chronostratigraphic Unit Geologic unit that includes all rocks formed during a specifi... experimental
Lithologic Unit Geologic unit defined by lithology independent of relationshi... experimental
Geomorphologic Unit Geologic unit defined by surface landform, e.g. hummocky mora... experimental
Allostratigraphic Unit Geologic unit defined by bounding surfaces. Not necessarily s... experimental
Polarity Chronostratigraphic Unit Geologic unit defined by primary magnetic-polarity record imp... experimental
Biostratigraphic Unit Geologic unit defined based on fossil content. Five kinds of ... experimental
Geophysical Unit Geologic unit defined by its geophysical characteristics. Den... experimental
Lithotectonic Unit Geologic unit defined defined on basis of structural or defor... experimental
Lithogenetic Unit Geologic unit defined by genesis. The genesis is manifested b... experimental
Hydrogeological Unit Geological unit, aquifer or non-aquifer, corresponding to a p... experimental
Geotechnical Unit Geologic unit defined by her geotechnical properties experimental