Chronostratigraphic divisions

This register contains all chronostratigraphic divisions

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      hierarchy parent property
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  • Chronostratigraphic divisions
  • Divisions chronostratigraphiques
  • DivChronoStrat
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All properties of the register

category geology
en This register contains all chronostratigraphic divisions
fr Ce registre contient l'ensemble des divisions chronostratigraphiques
has member relation member
has top concept Supereonothem
hierarchy child property narrower
hierarchy parent property broader
hierarchy root property top concept of
inverse membership predicate in scheme
en Chronostratigraphic divisions
fr Divisions chronostratigraphiques
license Licences 4.0
member System | Erathem | Stage | Supereonothem | Series | Substage | Eonothem | Sub-series
modified 12 Jun 2024 07:51:35.997
notation DivChronoStrat
owner BRGM
type Register | Container
version info 15

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