System register

Internal registers which are used to control system operation

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  • System register
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All properties of the register

category Registry systeme
contained item class Register
description Internal registers which are used to control system operation
label System register
member languages register | Link definitions | prefixes | bulk collection types | typed templates | form templates
modified 22 Mar 2022 08:42:15.964
subregister languages register | typed templates | Link definitions | bulk collection types | form templates | prefixes
type Register | Container
version info 8


Name Description Types Status
  bulk collection types System register describing the data types which can be upload... Container , Register stable
  form templates System register containing a collection of form templates whi... Register , Container stable
  languages register languages system register Container , Register stable
  Link definitions A system register which lists all link definitions which the ... Container , Register stable
  prefixes System register containing the prefix mappings used in serial... Container , Register stable
  typed templates System register containing collection of templates which can ... Register , Container stable