Observation support

This register contains the different types of observation supports

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  • Observation support
  • Supports d'observation
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category geology
en This register contains the different types of observation supports
fr Ce registre contient les différents types de supports d'observation
has member relation member
hierarchy child property narrower
hierarchy parent property broader
hierarchy root property top concept of
inverse membership predicate in scheme
en Observation support
fr Supports d'observation
member Polished thin section | Undifferenciated borehole | Thick section | Outcrop | Cavity | Beachside embankment | Mine tailings | Uncovered thin section | Borehole | Cliff | Spoils | Natural land surface | Piezometer | Undifferenciated Well | Ditch | Trench | Boulder | Thin blade | Polished cross-section | Highway embankment | Quarry | Anthropic outcrop | Covered thin section | Drilling cuttings | Undifferenciated borehole | Natural outcrop | Cuttings | Panorama | Riverbank | Slope | Well cuttings | Flying stone | Drill cuttings | Core sample | Sample | In situ outcrop
modified 29 Apr 2021 14:04:06.530
notation obssup
owner BRGM
type Register | Container
version info 2

Contents (tree view)

Sample Portion d’un minéral, de roche, de fluide, …, prélevé pour êt... experimental
Borehole Un forage désigne un puits étroit foré dans le sol. experimental
Panorama Vue d'ensemble, représentation d'un vaste paysage, en général... experimental
Outcrop Partie d'un terrain visible à la surface de la Terre. experimental