Chronostratigraphy / Geochronology

This register contains the geological timescale

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  • GeolTs
  • Chronostratigraphy / Geochronology
  • Chronostratigraphie / Géochronologie
  • GeolTs
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All properties of the register

category geology
en This register contains the geological timescale
fr Ce registre décrit l'échelle des temps géologiques
has top concept Base of Phanerozoic | Base of Precambrian
hierarchy child property narrower
hierarchy root property top concept of
identifier GeolTs
inverse membership predicate in scheme
is member of relation in scheme
en Chronostratigraphy / Geochronology
fr Chronostratigraphie / Géochronologie
modified 26 Mar 2019 10:28:10.546
notation GeolTs
owner BRGM
type Container | SKOS Concept Scheme | Register
version info 3

Contents (tree view)

Precambrian experimental
Phanerozoic experimental